Heidegger Review 2 — Table of contents


 On the Poet-Philosophers of Greece –a Few Notes Editorial

 Seán O’Faoláin and the Poets John Minahane

 Michael Tierney and others, versus Seán O’Faoláin:

the Dispute in Studies, September 1938

 Panta Rhei (continued) Niall Cusack

 Adventures with Nietzsche (Part 2) Brendan Clifford

 Heidegger, the Spiegel and the SS: a very German Civil War Philip O’Connor

 On Orthodoxy Peter Brooke

 Simone Weil’s Rejection Of The Enlightenment Cathy Winch

 Selections from the Philosophical Notebooks, 1931-1932 Martin Heidegger


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